Renting a violin outfit from us


We make it as easy and seemless as possible. Most of our customers pick up from our showroom in Hitchin. If you live further afield then, first stop, we need to talk; we'll need a few details such as what size of instrument your child needs. If you're not sure, don't worry; a child's teacher will be able to advise or failing that, we can work it out with your help. Call us on 07976 803533. (Leave a message if we can't pick up and we will get back to you.)


When you're ready, we'll send you an email with a e-payment link. Make your payment and we will send you your instrument outfit. We will then simply invoice you every four months in advance of each subsequent rental period until you terminate the agreement.


Please note that the return of an outfit for any reason should be notified in advance by email or phone call.

You can check out our general Terms and Conditions here.


Be advised that we can't always send rental outfits "next day" as we will only release properly set up and prepared instruments and this may take a day or two. The more notice you can give us, the better! 


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