What We Do

We provide competitively priced violin​ outfits (1/8 to 3/4 size) each consisting of a traditionally crafted violin, professionally set up and adjusted to precise, correct measurements and with enhanced quality strings, a well-balanced, natural hair bow and light-weight case. A free annual check/service is included to keep the instrument in optimal condition.


Why choose us?


Choosing a violin rental outfit for most is a bit of a “hit-or-miss” task.  As a provider of school and private instrumental tuition for over 30 years we have seen it all: students arriving full of enthusiasm for their first lesson with a hired instrument  - or a “bargain” bought online - which stretches the definition of ‘violin’ to new limits.  The consequences are all too predictable: an instrument that can’t hold its tuning from one lesson to the next, makes a poor sound and is difficult to manipulate will hamper progress, sap motivation and then, all too often, cause the child to lose heart and give up.  Learning to play a stringed instrument is challenging enough without the constraints of a poor quality instrument and bow.  All of this is avoidable when you rent from a specialist provider with the expertise and experience required to do the job to a commendable standard.



What you need to know before hiring from us


A returnable deposit of £25 is payable with the initial monthly rental payment of just £9.00. You'll be invoiced every four months, in advance, payments being made online, securely and simply.  Your contract is terminated at the end of the four month rental month in which an outfit is returned.  The minimum contract duration is 4 months.   

Upsizing from a smaller to a larger instrument - up to and including 3/4 size - is free of charge, subject to availability. 

Collection/return in person is by appointment only.  Any cost agreed for postal delivery or collection of an outfit will be charged to the hirer.

Our full Terms and Conditions are available to read here.


Our SPECIAL OFFER to our hirers!


When the time comes to make the final transition up to a full-sized instrument, a violin, bow and case will need to be purchased. (We don't rent full-sized violins.)  Our offer to our loyal rental customers is that we will discount your purchase by up to a third of the value of all rental receipts to date, up to a maximum of 20% of the value of your purchase. 

An illustration:

suppose you have rented for four years, spending £432 over the period; 33% of £432 is £143. Then imagine that you have selected a full sized violin, bow and case with a retail value of £800; 20% of £800 is £160 so you would be eligible to use the full discount of £143 against your purchase, making it now just £657. 




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