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To all of our Rental customers: Loyalty Bonus Offer!


When the time comes to make the final transition up to a full-sized instrument, a violin, bow and case will need to be purchased. (We don't rent full-sized violins.)  Our offer to our loyal rental customers is that we will discount your purchase by up to a third of the value of all rental receipts to date, up to a maximum of 20% of the value of your purchase.  


An illustration:

Suppose you have rented for four years, spending £432 over the period; 33% of £432 is £143. Then suppose that you have selected a full sized violin, bow and case with a retail value of £800; 20% of £800 is £160 so in this instance you would be eligible to use the full discount of £143 against your purchase, making it now just £657. 



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