The ASPIRE Violin Collection


Why buy a violin from us?

  • We are violin specialists! with many years' experience in the violin trade;   
  • Our violins and bows - collectively refered to as The Aspire Collection - are selected by us from makers the world over, buying only the best we can find;
  • We order directly from makers and their workshops around the globe, not from wholesalers; most of the cost saving is passed on to our customers.

You're cordially invited to try out instruments and bows in our spacious showroom in Hertfordshire.  If you live out of range please contact us anyway because once we've discussed your needs, we can arrange to send you an instrument and/or bow with our  ‘no questions asked’ 7-day Guarantee of Satisfaction.


Prices from £500 to £2000                                                          See more instruments to inspire you!

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