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This is where we introduce you to our new range of innovative teaching ideas as well as one-off "special items." Please contact us for further information about these or to make an appointment to view and try anything that you see here.



The clever and innovative 'String Hopper' developed by experienced teacher and professional performer, Rosie Henbest, is a simple yet brilliant way to assist the teaching of a range of left-hand technique:

  • understanding and visualising finger patterns
  • learning fingerboard layout 
  • introducing new positions up to 7th position
  • understanding intervals across adjacent strings
  • facilitates comparison with keyboard layout
  • clarifies enharmonic changes, relative major/minor and many aspcts of notational theory  
  • use for silent scale practice
  • flexible tool with which to develop your own personal methods and uses
  • no devices or batteries needed! 

This light-weight, compact teaching aid tucks away into a music or instrument case and becomes an indispensible teacher's companion!

YOU CAN HAVE ONE for the cost of a pub lunch: call us now to send you one! £16 + p/p

Violin Bow

A professional grade pre-owned ARCUS Cadenza violin bow in mint condition  £1500 ono.


A violin in very good condition by James W Briggs (Glasgow) dated 1908  £3000



Superior quality violins, expertly selected, set up and adjusted, sourced direct from the maker's workshops.

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