About us

You’re a keen, aspiring violinist; you want to take it to the next level and beyond BUT… your current outfit is betraying its limitations as you demand more of it. What to do?

You could go online and trawl through a dozen generalist retailers, but they often know nothing more about their ‘product’ than what appears on their page or you might just be speaking to the Saturday Help; or you could visit one of the traditional dealerships who concern themselves primarily with more expensive, antique instruments. If neither seems like a suitable option for you, why not consider looking at what we can offer you?

We have good reason to have confidence in our violins: over a decade’s experience buying and selling stringed instruments (including eight years managing a busy violin shop); our expertise in the selection of instruments from what we judge to be among the best traditional workshops world-wide; our regular visits to international trade shows, to establish and maintain face-to-face relationships with the makers and workshop managers of the small, family-run businesses we buy from; our freedom to buy without being tied in to long-term contracts, meaning we react swiftly to changes in demand at home and innovation in the industry.   

And importantly, we ONLY sell violins - and their bows and cases - nothing else, so we are totally focused on what we intimately understand. With this single-mindedness, we have created our ASPIRE collection, ranging in price from £500 to £1500, which we welcome you to see and try out in our showroom at Richard Reason Pianos in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. But if you live further afield in the UK, no matter: you can ask us to deliver an instrument to you with our 10-day Guarantee of Satisfaction, using our Violin-in-a Box service.

If there’s anything holding you back from visiting or ordering from us, do contact us; we’d love to discuss your needs with you! If you wish to order from us now, please first contact us anyway so we can confirm your exact requirement; buying a violin is a personal thing!  If you intend visiting us in person, please kindly note that this is by appointment only so that we can guarantee you our best attention. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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