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Have a look at our Aspire violins, a simple, comprehensive range of expertly selected and prepared instruments





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Violin rental


Upgraded outfits for rental available in 1/8 to 3/4 size



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The page where we show those one-off items and clever, innovative stuff like the brilliant 'String Hopper' for which we are the exclusive distributor



What's different about or violins? The large majority of 'progress' instruments are sourced through UK wholesalers. Ours aren't, which saves you a whole chunk of cash and means that we can seriously upgrade the fittings - strings, bridges, etc - without breaking our modest price points. Whatsmore, we aren't obliged to just buy in "the same old same old" from a limited number of wholesalers, tied to long-term contracts with manufacturers. By contrast, we regularly search out the best products available, visiting international trade shows, meeting and dealing directly with the owners of small and medium sized workshops that have vision and world-class expertise. 

The upshot? Our customers can be confident that they are buying the best available for the price.  Is there anything stopping you from ordering from us right now? If so, let us know and we'll try to help. You can contact us here.


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